Gift Guide: For the Gal with the Travel Bug


Has anyone started their holiday shopping yet?! Stay tuned because I'll be sharing my best Black Friday + Cyber Monday finds with you over the next few days.

Today's guide is for the gal who loves to travel, aka me. Seeing the world is such an incredible experience in itself, and these gifts are some of my favs that I think will make your bestie even more excited to book her next getaway. 

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First, you can never go wrong with a gift card, especially if you're unsure of stuff they may already have. Uber and Airbnb are great solutions, they always will need to get from one place to another and have a place to sleep so clearly, you can't go wrong. A charger is a MUST at all times. When I traveled through Europe for a month, I always had a portable in my purse or wallet and this thin one from Urban is the perfect size and of course, it's chic. As chic as a charger can get at least. 

For those of you who don't have a hydro flask yet, get one. It literally keeps things ice cold, or burning hot for 24 hours - not exaggerating. This is a great idea for someone who is always taking long plane rides, is an explorer or extremely active when they're traveling. You can't go wrong with a polaroid either, especially since they're compact and not very heavy when walking around, better yet they are affordable too. 

How to pack is probably one of the hardest skills to acquire. I slowly am trying to get better, but I have to admit I'm definitely the kind of girl who brings an extra empty suitcase so I can buy and bring things back...whoops. This book is probably something I should buy for myself, it's cute on the coffee table but also functional, and the bag-all set is amazing for dirty laundry and keeping things organized and separate. 

Make sure you check out my holiday page for gift guides and outfits this season! If you're feeling V generous, I just shared my Haiti experience and the company who ran that trip is doing a few more in January and February 2018. If I wasn't planning a wedding I would definitely ask all my friends and fam to contribute to another trip as my Christmas gift!