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48 hrs in LoS Cabos... 

What’s funny is that until this weekend I had never been to Los Cabos before. Cabo, sure, many times via cruises but I’d never ventured to Los Cabos and apparently I’ve been missing out. From our 48 hrs. there I would describe Los Cabos as the mature sister of Cabo. The whole experience is elevated; less crazy party, tequila shot vibes and more relax, eat well, and drink delicious cocktails vibes. The most amazing part is that it’s just a 2.5 hr. flight from LA… why are we not going more often?

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If you're looking for a dose of motivation, a little fire under your bum, or just a late night read about some incredible female entrepreneurs then you're in the right place. Last week I was invited to attend Inc Women's Summit 2017 with Genesis USA and let's just say it was possibly one of the most inspiring days of my life. To be sitting under the same roof as the founder of Spanx, co-founder of AWAY, co-founder of RTR, and CEO of Bluemercury is amazing enough but to be able to learn their stories, understand their struggles, and ASK them qs about how they overcame diversity in a male dominated space... my day, week, and month was made


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10 fall finds under $100

As much as I love the hot, hot sun I do love me some fall fashion though. Layers, coats, boots, and cozying up in a warm blanket, and watching a movie on a weeknight...sounds pretty great right about now. So, in honor of the first day of the new season I'm giving you 10 fall finds under $100 that I will be adding to my closet, if I haven't already! 


Wait, We have to plan a wedding?

"Do you have a date yet?"  is pretty much the equivalent of "When are you getting engaged?" once you're finally engaged and 99% of the time elicits the internal response: "LET. ME. LIVE  



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