Summer Weekend Looks with The Style Editrix


I know I sound like a broken record when I say summer is my favorite time of the year but it really is - denim shorts, bikinis, fun hats, easy sandals... is there anything better? Last week I shot a fun little summer video with Ashley from The Style Editrix (double dose of Ashleys) where we each share are go-to outfits for a day at the beach and date night:


Obvi we're loving the off the shoulder trend! You can get deets on Ashley's looks over on The Style Editrix and shop mine below: 


Summer Weekend Looks


I always receive TONS of qs on IG about my denim shorts - they're from the Rose Bowl Flea Market. Don't worry, though, I found this AWESOME store on Etsy that makes some, so if you can't get to the Flea Market then you can order online! YAY! I actually want order a pair because they look to be custom, so they may be better than the already made ones elsewhere.  

So ready to pack these looks for a weekend in Palm Springs! Is it the weekend yet? How does a 4 day work week end up always feeling SOO long!