The Best of the Best of Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale (for real, tho)

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Must - Haves

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Must - Haves


You may have heard, Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale started today for card holders (public sale starts on the 21st!) Truth be told there's things I love and hate about the sale. Love: Voluspa candles are on sale -- that never happens -- so buy all of them. Hate: being convinced to buy something because it's a "good deal" even though I really don't need it and may never wear it. ie: last year's knee length wool vest from Rag + Bone.... I haven't been in under 60 degree temps in pretty much 3 years! Why I thought that was a good purchase is beyond me.

But guys, it was SO chic and SUCH a good deal. NO... this year, let's do the Anniversary Sale the right way:

Buy items that we'll use, wear, and/or gift (the beauty sets make for really good gifts) and don't waste time on shiny items that will collect dust in the closet. So here we go, one of many Anniversary posts to come, I've rounded up my top 3 from each buy-worthy category and reasons why you will get good use out of them. 



For us SoCal gals, it's tempting to buy ALL the boots during this sale because they're on sale but this year I'm one and done: these Dolce Vita Booties will be a fall staple. I've seen them IRL and they are super flattering and go with cropped denim, dresses, and skirts. My non-SoCal friends, don't worry, I have a full Anniversary Sale shoe post coming your way next week!

Jeweled flats are going to be BIG for fall. Since they're definitely a "trend" item, my motto is buy them on sale! Enter: these Sam Edelman flats

True story: I refuse to buy workout shoes and tennis full price. Now's the time to stock up on those cute sneakers to pair with those athleisure days. 


The beauty section of the sale is def the best section out of the entire thing! If you have certain brand affinities you can always find your "OMG FAVE" in the Anniversary Sale and stock-up on your go-to products. ie: Nuelash which I talk about here - it's great for lash growth and to keep lashes strong if you do lash extensions. Getting it on sale is a huge bonus! 

Clinique's Moisturizing gel is another cult fave that will definitely go to use and Mario Badescu's faves in travel and home sizes are PERF re-stocks for the beauty arsenal. 

They also have tons of devices this year which is exciting but it's easy to go crazy thinking you're going to become a Clarisonic user, LED light person, and at-home-hair-removal pro in the next few months. Highly unlikely but you do you! 


To be honest, I'm not that impressed with the clothing selection this year. Maybe it's just online? Headed to the store today so I'll let you know! 

If you're in the market for a REAL leather jacket, now may be the time. This one looks stunning and I bet it will sell out in the next few days. Also loving this great fall dress - the price point is perfect and the silhouette is easy breezy to pair with booties or OTK boots for fall.  I'm definitely splurging on these Frame denim jeans (assuming they fit) because the hem is really different than anything I've seen lately and who doesn't need another pair of black jeans?


I know tons of people who say they get all their Christmas and Holiday gifts at the Anniversary Sale - kind of crazy but also kind of genius. This Collagen lip mask set is great to break a part to make gift baskets for your girlfriends (and also keep one for yourself). I love doing the same with nail polish because nobody needs 8 new colors! I have a similar Dry Bar Set and get tons of use out of all the products - def a good gift for sisters. 


If you're not a cardmember you can a) become one or b) wait until the sale goes live to the public on the 21st. I will say that things DO sell out by the 21st so if you're DYING for something then maybe ask your card holding bestie to get it for you. 

I'm stopping by the store today to try things on IRL. Follow along on IG: @everydaypursuits.