What to Pack for 2+ Weeks in Europe


The day has finally come...my guide on how to pack for an extra long Europe trip! Takes mad skill, let me tell you. Being gone for almost a month required lots of planning to avoid the overweight bag fee and too many suitcases. The key to any long trip is BASICS, items that can be worn multiple ways and picking shoes that go with every outfit so you're not bringing 7 pairs. Below is everything you'll ever need when touring around Europe in the hot, hot summertime. 

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Let's start with the important must-haves...and my all time favorites, KINIS! I brought ones that can mix + match,  different styles to avoid set tan lines, and of course a one-piece to hide all that pasta I'd be consuming for a month ;)  Make sure you bring lots of sunscreen, because it is H O T! 



Next, we have accessories. I don't like to overdo it too much when it comes to this stuff. You want 2 or 3 sunglasses that are different styles and colors that work with your outfits, and you'll definitely want a hat or 2 for during the day. Psstt... I wrote a whole post on how to pack hats, check it out. Personally, I like small bags that I can just throw my phone, camera and credit cards in. These straw ones were perfect and went with every outfit; super light and versatile! 



You know I love a good mule and they are a must to pack. However, my one tip is to bring both a small heel and a flat slide so you have a dressier option. Of course, sneakers are a must for all the walking around town you'll be doing and it works out great since wearing sneaks with a cute dress is in right now! 



When it comes to packing clothes my top priority was light and breezy and items that take as little space as possible in a suitcase. Of course pack a pair of jean shorts and pants, you can re-wear them over and over and mix any top with them. If you're staying in an airbnb you might even get lucky with a washing machine. 



Dresses are an absolute must for Europe travel, especially if you're going mid-summer. They're great for the beach, and perfect for a night out in the city or taking a stroll through a park in Paris. Ugh, I miss it so much, I think I could definitely live there. Stay tuned, my Paris Travel Guide is coming soon!



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