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Travel Guide: 72 hrs in Toronto? Do This and Stay Here...

A few weeks ago I was invited by Fairmont Royal York to attend their 90th birthday celebration. The hotel recently went through some incredible renovations to ring in this amazing milestone and I can say from first hand experience it is stunning! Keep scrolling to read more about the my trip (breaking a Guinness book of world record!) plus some must see’s/do’s for your next trip to Toronto.

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The Pros + Cons of Group Travel and Organized Experiences

These are not like our parent’s or grandparent’s “travel agent” itineraries but rather companies that have come together to build immersive experiences for a new age traveler. A traveler that craves learning about—and immersing themselves in— varied cultures while also supporting local communities through responsible tourism. Tap through to see my pros and cons list on group travel.

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