Pursuing Pool Floats

the best pool floats, pool party decor, where to buy pool floats

the best pool floats, pool party decor, where to buy pool floats


Over here at EDP HQ we take our pool toys V seriously. You may think I'm joking but I'm pretty sure all in all between myself and my bffs, we own about 25 pool floats. Big, small, swans, fruits, veggies, ice chests, cup holders.... you name it and we pretty much have it. Pursuing pool floats is an art if I do say so myself because you have to have a good mix of "insta-worthy" ones and functional ones and don't forget the air pump! See below for my faves and a few tips and tricks for purchases, storing, and blowing up. 

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Pro float tip: floats with holes are actually the most useful when it comes to hot pool day scenarios because guests can hang in the float and have half their body in the water if necessary. Believe me, 104 degree Palm Springs temps don't lie. The swans, while fun and huge (multiple people can sit on them), they get insanely hot. They are also a real pain in the a** to blow up. From our last Palm Springs trip we dubbed the pineapple as being the most user friendly because it allows you to float inside of the hole or lay across it using the the top as a head rest. Just throwing that out there! 

Yes, you NEED an air pump. Don't even attempt to blow these up with your mouth. If you search Amazon you'll find a bunch of air pumps - something like this one is perfect - what you need most is multiple universal nozzles AND the deflator option. The deflator option comes in very handy at the end of a fun filled weekend; it will save you SO much time and energy.

These puppies are HUGE both blown up and deflated; make sure you have adequate space for them! Also don't blow them up inside because chances are they won't fit through the door - hah!

Some of my favorite float brands: Funboy, Ban.do, and Sunnylife. Happy pool vibes, guys!


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