New Beauty Favorites


It's been awhile since I've given you insight on beauty products I'm lusting over. Have any of you tried my travel favs I posted about last month? As you guys know (via IG story), I am constantly getting new beauty products sent to me which is SUPER cool but also a little overwhelming sometimes because, I mean, how many foundations can you try in a month? or eye creams? Especially for me who has sensitive, acne prone skin... I am very wary of trying all the new things. For your sake and my sanity,  I ALWAYS test out a product for at least month before I share it with you. You can be V confident that anything I share on the blog, social, etc. has been pursuit approved. 😉  

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During my entire Europe trip I used Eva's dry shampoo and loved. My ultimate trick? After spraying it at your roots take your blow dryer at heat the product as you brush it through your hair. Something about heat activation instantly makes your hair look like you've had a blowout. Whenever I'm running short on time but have somewhere to be I just throw this in and I'm good to go! Highly recommended.  

Next... say BYE BYE to those nasty breakouts that stand out like a sore thumb... literally. This IT cosmetic's full coverage concealer has been a Life. Saver. It covers like a normal concealer but dries out the blemish at the same time. I've been battling some post- Europe breakouts and this is the only stuff that has done the trick for concealing and healing. 

Lately I've been V into KORRES products. I think I should really start using this firming, lifting and sculpting eye serum religiously until the wedding... along with this overnight skin tightening treatment . The eye serum is not only effective but it doesn't leave a weird residue. Have you noticed other serums can get all weird once you put your under eye concealer on? This doesn't do that. Also, true story, I've been putting the sleeping oil on Andy when I can remember because boy needs to amp up his skin regimen and he's into the scent (it's kind of masculine). 

I know this Le Labo Noir 29 Eau de Parfum is on the pricey side but I'm telling you it's amazing; it makes you feel fresh but also has a masculine tone for the new season. Has anyone tried it before? It's a nice change (esp. for fall) from the Santal 33 that everyone and their mom has!

 Let me know a few of your beauty favorites you're loving right now!