Shoe Lust: Almost Fall Edition


I can't believe I'm even typing fall in the header of this post right now and that it's already September. Where did summer go?! I swear time just keeps flying and I can hardly keep up with what day or week it is. Anyone else feeling this way? Well, today I'm giving you a few of my favorites to transition into fall and for us LA gals, actually wear all through the fall season!  


I've already purchased the Loeffler heels and the Madewell slides and I'm realizing that I'm velvet obsessed right now! The Loeffler Randall mustard heels are absolutely stunning and a perfect transition into fall attire and they are SOO comfy. The other flats and booties are a great option to add to your wardrobe to spice things up instead of your typical black and brown and they're pretty affordable... win win. 

It's so crazy to see how we've officially shifted away from stilettos; they'll be back tho, I just know. Stay tuned on IG stories because I'm going to do a little closet cleanse soon and have some great fall slides and mules to sell!