Gift Guide: For Your Guy!


After polling the EDP IG fam the #1 gift guide request was gifts for your boyfriend or husband. Not surprised because guys are SO tough especially if they’ve been in your life for multiple years and you’ve gone through a few birthdays, anniversaries, and Christmas’s together. I had the hubs help me put this gift guide together, because what’s better than a GUY curating his ultimate gift list? Keep scrolling for 15 great gifts for your boo!

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Amazon Gift Card: The gift that gives him the option to buy ANYTHING!

Youtube Premium: Andy invested in premium a few months ago and has been loving it. It gives users YouTube and YouTube Music ad-free. Plus access to all YouTube Originals. I’m not a huge YouTube watcher, so I don’t really get it but if your guy is always on it then this may be a really nice treat for them.

Vaer Watch: I’m a little biased because this is my cousin’s watch company but they are super modern and perfect for the active guy. Plus the price point is great, starting at $150. Specs: 100m depth rating, screw-down crown, sapphire crystal, USA Assembly, Swiss movement, and two bands included with every watch. Andy has a few and LOVES!

Air Pods: Apple’s Air Pods are LIFE! This is a fantastic gift for ANYONE. Moving to cordless headphones has been a game change for both Andy and I because it allows us to be so much more mobile. It’s also great for any new iPhones that only have one jack; you can now charge your phone and be using headphones at the same time.

Vuori Joggers: Vuori is a brand that we both love so much. I bought myself a pair of their joggers last year and wear them EVERY TIME I step on a plane. Andy finally caught on a few months ago and now he pretty much exclusively wears Vuori shorts, pants, and tees.

Every Man a Menace: If your boy is into crime fiction, Andy says this is THE book. He read it in just a few days!

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones: Air Pods and Bose cancelling headphones? Yup! Air Pods for every day. Bose for travel. They’ve changed the game for Andy when it comes to long flights.

Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket: True story I used to think these Patagonia Jackets were not attractive but now they’re growing on me. They are beyond functional with the lightweight quilted body + durable water-repellent finish. Andy wears his a ton at home and literally brings it on every trip we go on from Seattle to Kenya. Get your guy a black or blue one because it goes with everything.

Home is Where You Park It Photobook: Apparently a lot of guys feel the same way about coffee table books as we feel about candles. The more the merrier + the bigger the better.

Aer Fit Pack 2 Backpack: Andy’s always on the hunt for the newest coolest backpacks and he said Aer is definitely a brand to keep an eye on. If your boy needs an updated work bag this is one to checkout!

Himalayan Salt Tequila Shots: For the boy that loves his tequila shots and wants to up his at-home bar game.

Cocktail Bitters Pack: A must for your bar cart.

ESPN Plus: for the sports buff. This subscription allows you to stream LIVE sports for a minimal fee per month. Great for any guy that has cut the cable cord but still needs to get his sports fix.

The Architecture of Cabins: Another great coffee table book!

All Birds High Tops: Bought these for Andy last week then found out he bought them for himself - that’s how GOOD they are. All Birds has been killing the tennis shoe game the last few years: they’re great for everyday tennis and are comfy AF. Even Andy’s dad owns a pair! These new high tops are so so chic.


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