Best Finds from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale


'Tis the day... yes the day my wedding went live on Style Me Pretty AND also the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. Can you tell which one I care about more? 😉

If you've been following EDP for awhile you know I take a less is more approach when it comes to this sale because I've found in the past it can be very overwhelming, stretch your budget unnecessarily, and make you buy things you might NEVER wear. I browsed the site this morning and put together a few items that I'm digging. As I find more I'll be adding, plus I'm headed to the store this afternoon to check out everything IRL and will be sharing deets on IG stories

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Dresses that you can wear now and later (keyword now)

Shoes that aren't like every other ones in your closet

Faves from Madewell

Randoms but I like 'em or already use 'em


My favorite way to shop online is to browse by the designers + brands you already like because chances are there's probably something up your ally! After that filter by your favorite categories. For me it's always: shoes, denim, and dresses. When it comes to beauty products don't get fooled into buying an 8 pack of mascaras... I mean, do you really need that? I always do a once over of my makeup bag and medicine cabinet to see what I need to re-stock and that's it. It's not really the time to "try" new things since everything is full size and most Nordstrom's + Sephora's will give you samples for free! 

TBH I used to buy items and they would sit in my closet until November (when fall hits LA) and by the time I went to look at them they felt old and I was over 'em. Same goes for coats and sweaters: I live in LA, I've "stocked up" on pretty much a lifetimes worth of sweaters (ie: 5) and coats (2). At the end of the day I try to be realistic but also remember that Nordstrom has an amazing return policy - haha!  Happy shopping, gals!