Statement Earrings Under $50: Summer Edition


I was never a big earring gal (wore the same studs for YEARS) but for some reason when I hit my 30's I started playing with fun earrings. Now I feel naked if there's not a huge pair hanging from my ears! Like lip color (which I just did a post about...), earrings are a super easy way to change up your look. Keep scrolling to see all my current faves under $50. 

Statement Earrings on a Budget - under $50

Statement Earrings on a Budget - under $50


If you're not one to get crazy with the jewelry, trust me on this one and give it a try. You can even start subtle with the gold or silver dangles and work your way to brights and tassels and lobsters, oh my! You'll get there, I promise. 


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