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So so pumped about this: EDP is adding a contributing writer to the team! What does that mean? More of the EDP content you love, from an additional POV. Why? TBH: I need help. And instead of hiring someone to ghost write for me, I want to shine the spotlight on a fabulous new voice who can bring a new POV to EDP. Don’t worry, she’s been vetted over the last 2+ yrs (working for my agency) and during that time we’ve become the best of friends. I’ve grown to respect her voice and opinions so so much; on top of that she’s funny AF. I know you’ll just love her! Without further adieu…. xo - Ash

Marissa at Ashley + Andy’s Wedding - Los Cabos, Mexico

Marissa at Ashley + Andy’s Wedding - Los Cabos, Mexico


Hello, EDP fam! It’s so nice to finally meet you! My name is Marissa and after 2 years of working alongside Mrs. Fisher, my position has been upgraded to contributing writer and it. feels. GREAT. I met Ash through the holy grail that is Instagram and, in my opinion, it was a match made in heaven. I started following her for many reasons, but mostly because she seemed so down to Earth and relatable. Except for the fact that she can have a 4-cheese pasta dish from Fresh Corn Grille with zero consequence, which is super un-relatable, everything else about Ash is the real deal. 

When Ashley posted that she needed an intern, I jumped at the opportunity to be around an expert and learn more about being a blogger. After the initial Facetime, I came to learn that the position was for her digital marketing company. Truth be told, I knew nothing about digital marketing, but the job description and the boss were such a draw that I still went for it. Fake it until you make it, people. Two years later, and here I am: writing to you. Truly, this is a BFD to me. 

Late last year, Ash mentioned she was going full-time with her blog and leaving her marketing business behind. I had no idea what I would be doing or where I should be doing it (quite literally, where, as I was in Paris at the time…more on that later). Not going to lie, as elated as I was for her, no amount of chocolate croissants could soothe my fear of the future. After some time and solid introspection (and two glasses of wine), I quickly realized this was an incredible opportunity to explore and have time to consider all of my options in life. I’m 27 years old, single and at the biggest crossroads of my life so far. Oh, I’m also “homeless” and ruining my brothers dating life by temporarily living with him on the East Coast. Possible opportunities? The limit does not exist! Let me tell you, I’m terrified, but I also feel extremely lucky to be in this position.

I’m excited to offer a different point of view on the blog, while also supporting the Everyday Pursuits goal: to have real conversations about life and lessons learned while having fun, lifting each other up and enjoying a glass of wine (or donut) along the way. 

Back next week with some of my best tips for traveling on budget. KIT - @cremedelariss

Marissa + Ashley at #a plusabigday

Marissa + Ashley at #aplusabigday