A Thoughtful + Classic Mother's Day Gift


There’s a lot of things about adulting that aren’t all they’re cracked up to be but I will say one thing that I love is the ability to buy gifts, especially for my parents. I’m finally at the age where I’m really starting to understand the sacrifices my parents made for me, especially my mom. All her life she has been so giving which is why I try to treat her as much as possible especially on Mother’s Day. So excited to partner with Neiman Marcus to share some perf gifts for your mom: David Yurman jewelry!


I’m obsessed with their gold designs (you know I’m a gold gal!) and honestly, these band rings and Cable bracelets are timeless pieces with a gorgeous modern twist. I love that they can be layered, which means -  you know - if you wanted to treat your mom and yourself, then you can mix and match. Yass - shopping each other’s jewelry boxes FTW!!


Lately, aside from experiences, I’ve been focused on getting jewelry for myself and others because it’s a gift that will last. Typically there’s always a beautiful memory tied to it which makes it that much better. And I’ve never known a gal to turn down David Yurman! xo - Ashley


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