5 Things I Never Travel Without


After about 3 months of non-stop travel from Colombia to Mexico and legit everywhere in between (hi Austin, Dallas, Miami and Ojai!), I took a minute to reset and spend some QT in LA. But you know me, can’t sit still for too long! We are headed to Finland for the next week and I’m so pumped about it. It’s definitely a different vibe then I would typically seek out but I think that’s why I’m so excited; something new and out of my comfort zone.

Since I’ve made traveling a priority over the past few years I’ve also made ease + efficiency while doing so high on the list. Here are the 5 things I NEVER leave home without PLUS keep scrolling for my best kept secret for getting through customs on your way back into the US.

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1. The Perfect Carry On  - TBH, I said goodbye to the hyped up Instagram suitcase carry-ons last year. They may make for great checked luggage but there is no carry-on like TRAVEL PRO. It's the "suitcase of flight attendants" for a reason: space and functionality. 

2.  Packing Cubes - What was life before packing cubes? A freaking disaster! These will not only help you pack more but allow you to be nicely organized when you get to your final destination. Compartmentalizing is the way to efficient packing and less travel stress.

3.  Hat Clip - A life changer when traveling with hats. This will allow you to clip your hats to anything. You can clip at least two hats (I've even done 3) which is perfect for your warm weather vacays. It's also useful when you get to your destination (think windy boat rides, gold carts, etc.).

4. Travel Steamer - Something I use on EVERY trip. It's compact and essential. No more subpar steamy shower attempts! 

5. Airplane Joggers - I mean, these are really just joggers for LIFE! They are SO soft and stay that way no matter how many washes. I will not step on a plane unless I'm wearing these. Andy has the men's version - that's how good they are. 

Bonus: Mobile Passport App 

If you're coming back from an international trip this is a MUST download. It speeds you through U.S. Customs and Border Protection faster than Global Entry. Shh.. let's keep this just between us so it stays that way! 


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