My Wedding Ring Stack + Daily Rings ft. Kasia, Jennie Kwon, Noemie, and more


One of the most asked questions I get on IG is “where are your rings from?” Here’s where you can find all the deets! Aside from my engagement ring / ring finger jewelry, I started investing in fine jewelry rings about 3-4 yrs ago. I LOVED stackable, dainty rings but was starting to get annoyed with how fast the “fake” stuff tarnished. I finally decided that I would make the investment in real, quality rings cuz I legit wear them EVERY DAY. Once I did I never turned back! Keep scrolling for the deets on all eight of my rings.


Ring Finger Deets

Engagement ring is custom by Continental Jewelers in Miami. There’s a handful of inspo pins on a wedding pinterest board I created years ago. As I found rings I liked I pinned them to that board and slyly sent Andy the link when we first started talking about getting married. It’s oval cut (I don’t know the carat) with a micro pave rose-gold band. The diamond is set in platinum instead of rose gold to keep the diamond looking crisp and clear and not yellow.

Wedding Band is the Keema Band from Kasia Jewelry. I found Kasia on IG and fell in love with her designs. When it came time to order my wedding band we waited until the V last minute (granted we planned our wedding in 4.5 months) and I had NO idea you’re supposed to place orders within 6 -8 weeks. After going to a few local jewelry spots with no luck, I frantically DM’d and e-mailed Kasia saying I was desperate for something that could be delivered in less than 2 weeks. She was INCREDIBLE and shared the bands she had in stock. Keema was the one. It’s dainty but different than your regular wedding brand which is what I loved about it.

Contour Band is Kasia Jewelry Petite Agave Band. Of course after we got married I was already thinking about how I could add to the stack. I knew a contour band from Kasia was our next purchase. As the time came close to our first anniversary and my 33rd birthday I sent Andy a link to the Petite Agave Band like **hint hint**. Gals let me tell you, especially when it comes to jewelry, if you want something specific always tell your S.O. Both parties end up happier, I promise!

Kasia is honestly the best with her customer service. I had emailed her a picture of my wedding brand and engagement rings and said “which contour band do you suggest?” and she sent me 3 - 4 that she thought would go perfectly with the oval cut. I am SO in love with it. It’s such a statement and definitely gets a lot of attention, but I just love how it amplifies the others. Originally I wore all my rings in reverse (wedding brand closest to heart, engagement ring, then contour band) but ended up switching it because I love how the ray sits facing inward.


Right Hand Middle finger Stack

Diamond band by Simon G. Andy and I did a campaign with Simon G last year and I got to pick out this gorgeous diamond band. (note, if the link isn’t working there is something going on with their site!) It was hard to tell online how big it was and I thought it was a little more petite originally but I’ve grown to love it. It pairs nicely with the 3 Jennie Kwon rings I stack behind it.

Jennie Kwon Stack consists of the white equilibrium cuff ring, east west onyx ring, and three bezel ring. I’ve had these rings for YEARS and aside from cleaning every once in awhile they have held up beautifully. I guess I have a thing for art deco vibes which I would’ve never pegged myself for but my ring choices definitely tell that story.


The Petite Diamond Band by Noemie. Noemie is a brand I discovered through the blogosphere. They cut out the middleman and go direct to consumers therefore the prices are pretty awesome, especially for diamonds. I love how petite this band is and could definitely see myself getting a few more to stack.

Always happy to answer any Qs. Hit me up in the comments or DM me @everydaypursuits. xo - Ash


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