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Shoe Lust - almost fall edition

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When in paris... 

One of my favorite parts about visiting different countries is the fashion. I become a chameleon and dress for what I think the vibe is - who knows if it’s true – but nevertheless it’s fun. That’s what fashion is all about: fun, changing it up, and dressing how you feel. As I was packing for Paris I dreamt of grandiose outfits but we all know I’m a jeans and tee girl at heart so unless I’m going to a gala or a black tie wedding, I’m not about to romp around Paris in some ridiculous gown. Enter this really fun gingham maxi skirt.!   

Style + Beauty

Travel Beauty Guide

As you may have noticed, these last few months have been insane (in a good way) but I think I can officially call myself an expert traveler and can probably get around LAX with my eyes closed. Bouncing from suitcase to suitcase and city to city, you quickly become well versed in tips and tricks of packing, the must-haves... not tryin' to carry unneeded items around for a month. Plus, that leaves more room for new finds (obvi). 

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Wine Country is my favorite country

Last weekend's Wine Country getaway was definitely one for the books!  Wine Country Colbert Group and The Stylist LA hosted myself, Lauren Bushnell, Amanda Stanton, Sarah Vendal, and Erika from Whiskey and Lace at the most INSANE house. There's nothing like a weekend filled with delicious food, ALL the wines, and new friends. Keep scrolling to get all the deets on our weekend including wineries, places to eat + drink in Healdsburg, what we wore, and a few amazing people I met over the weekend! 


No, I don't have Baby Fever. Here's why...

The most common question us 30 something gals receive aside from "when are you getting married?" is "omg, don't you have baby fever?!" And my answer is no. Absolutely not.  



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