Gift Guide: For Him


Do you find it extremely difficult to shop for your man? I mean, we're easy and drop hints of things all day, everyday... at least I do with Andy 24/7. At this point, he has it down. Guys on the other hand, don't usually jump for joy over a button down. I really have to be paying attention when Andy mentions something he likes and make a mental note for times like this. The worst is when I think I've got an idea then he buys it for himself! Any of your guys do that? 

You want to buy things that they necessarily wouldn't purchase themselves, that feel special no matter how big or small the gift is, so here are a few of my favorites that I think any guy could use in their life. 


Let's start with the big ticket items, first, a leather jacket. This is something they definitely wouldn't buy on their own, a girl needs to be the one to find the perfect shape, fabric, brand... a gift that they will have for years to come. Second, you can't ever go wrong with a Movado watch, especially if it's a classic one like this. Watches to men are purses for girls, they like having more than one in different styles and can interchange with their outfits depending on how dressed up or laid back their outfit is.  I'm also super partial to VAER watches - a brand my cousin started last year. They're made in the states and each one comes with two bands; Andy loves swapping out the casual band with the leather option on for fancier events!  

Let's be honest, every man loves food and beer. This book is a given. Another fun gift to try is this Kiehls set. They may not be into it at first but pair it with the fancy razor set and I'm sure they'd be down to try some pampering :) I'm always trying to get Andy on a skincare regimen haha. 

Also, want to give a shout out to all the gals that shared their gift for guys ideas on yesterday's IG post. One that I especially love is the suggestion for ALL BIRDS shoes. Andy just bought himself two pairs (see I can't get ahead) and LOVES them. Happy shopping!  xo - Ash



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