Summer Lip Faves Including My Secret $5 Lipstick!


Happy Monday fam! I'm starting the week off on cloud 9, we received some of our post wedding/engagement photos a few days ago and I'm absolutely in love, I posted some here. Now, if only our wedding pics would come in... the waiting is killing me! Also, did you see my latest post on this fabulous yellow dress?! I'm really into bright colors lately, which surprisingly has me experimenting with a bold lips now too.. we all know that's a big step for me since I didn't start wearing lipstick until I turned 30. 

Today I'm sharing some of my favorite colors I've been rocking recently. Keep scrolling to see how what they look like IRL plus some deets on why I love each one.

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Since this top is a bit busy I decided to go for a more neutral lip. I literally have SO many lip colors in every corner of my house and recently stumbled on Buxom Lip Foundation in 'Revealed.' It provides a very matte color that really just blends in with the lip to smooth and define your natural pout. I LOVE it! Lately I've been wearing in the day then adding the NARS lip gloss on top for a little something something when I go out; they make a perfect pair!

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This was actually taken at a Givenchy event where I first tried their new new Le Rouge Liquide lipstick. It's SO cool because it's a velvet matte liquid lipstick encased in a twist up applicator with a foam tip; totally not what you would think when you first open it. I fell in love with COLOR: N°309 - L'Interdit - seductive vermilion because it's a coral, red that's so perfect for summer!

def worth splurging on!


Another coral lipstick I discovered deep in the depths of a gift bag is this mark. By Avon Pout Velvet Lip Paint in 'spark' and I pretty much wore it my entire honeymoon! They describe it as a luscious lip paint that combines color and a built-in primer. More intense than lipstick, more saturated than gloss. And that is 100% accurate. It is just SO good! I legit get compliments on it every time I wear it.


You guys want to know a secret: one of the BEST matte lipsticks under $30 is RIMMEL Stay Matte Lip Liquid! How do I know? Well I was planning to have a whole Youtube vid about but edits starting getting crazy and that didn't happen. But basically I tested 4 matte lipsticks: Tarte, Stila, Revlon, and Rimmel... RImmel was the best formula by far. It doesn't get dry and crusty or make the lines in your lips look weird. The color lasts but it also doesn't take an army of makeup wipes to come off. I'm telling you, next time you're at your local Target pick up a color or two.

$5 matte lipstick that's amaze!

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