Nashville Travel Diary


It’s been a little more than a month since I went to Nashville and it’s safe to say I’m STILL FULL! Holy moly, did we eat. Grits, biscuits… all the things. Well, except I never got to the Nashville hot chicken that everyone said to try, so I guess that means I have to go back. I went to Nashville for a job with Uncommon James, Kristin Cavallari’s jewelry and lifestyle brand. She put together a list of all her favorite spots and we spent 3 days hitting ‘em all. Keep scrolling for deets and a google map that will make it super easy for your upcoming trip.

Nashville Travel Diary - Where to Eat in Nashville

Nashville Travel Diary - Where to Eat in Nashville

Google map of all my Nashville spots!


Coming from LA I was surprised at how small Nashville was. For a city that gets over 30-40K Bachelor/Bachelorette parties a year I figured it would be much bigger. They also have significantly less traffic than we do in LA, so getting around was VERY easy via Uber. It doesn’t go without mentioning that everyone we encountered was extremely nice and welcoming; refreshing from some spots in my good ‘ol hometown! Here’s some don’t miss locals:

  • Urban Cowboy - unique BNB. Every room room is different and most include GORGEOUS claw foot bathtubs. I have a thing for a good bathtub. On certain nights they also have a really cool bar that is open to the public.

  • The Butcher and Bee -  farm to table restaurant with local southern fair. They also have a location in Charleston. Don’t miss out on the hummus and whipped feta dips. The avocado crispy rice was really unique, too!

  • Pinewood Social - part bowling ally, part social club… it’s all kinds of awesome. This is a day or a nighttime spot. Definitely an experience!

  • L.A Jackson @ The Thompson - rooftop bar with great views. The drinks aren’t too shabby either.

  • Cafe Roze - cute, modern breakfast spot. The interior designers got the instagrammable memo. Probably one of the more healthier places we ate the entire trip.

  • Uncommon James - Kristin Cavallari’s jewelry + lifestyle store. If you’re looking for some candles or jewels to bring home then this is your spot.

  • Husk  - located in an old colonial style home, this southern restaurant has ALL the fixin’s. Get the grits!

  • 5th + Taylor - Stunning restaurant with American fare. We ended up ordering a bunch of dishes for the table which worked out well. The deviled eggs were YUM!

  • The Stage - amazing live music bar on Broadway Street. Pretty much every restaurant and bar on Broadway St. has live music from 10am on; it’s incredible. We stopped in to The Stage after dinner one night and the music was poppin’; a mix of country, oldies, and pop covers which I loved because I’m not the biggest country fan myself.

  • Biscuit Love - this is THE biscuit spot according to everyone in Nashville and a a lot of people on the ‘gram. I have to say I wasn’t that impressed BUT it could’ve been because it was our last meal of the trip and I was so full from the previous 3 days that I just couldn’t really enjoy myself.

There’s no doubt you will eat well in Nashville! Make sure to check out Broadway St. and enjoy some live music because the musicians are SO talented…. like every single one of them. xo - Ashley


more EDP destinations right this way…