Undie Challenge: The Best Underwear For Women


For those of you that have been part of the EDP fam for the past year or so, you might remember last spring when I launched the Undie Challenge. I basically realized that at 32 my VS PINK undies weren’t cutting it anymore, both in comfort and quality; they had shrunk so much they barely covered anything. I set out to try ALL the undies on the market (Hanky Panky, Me Undies, Aerie, Calvin Klein, etc.) to determine what to invest in next. I documented this weekly on stories for about a month (a new pair every week) but then stopped sharing because I felt like no one was really that into it. Fast forward to this past week and my DM’s are blowing up about the results of the Undie Challenge. Guess you’re all doing some serious spring/summer cleaning/shopping?

Luckily I kept trying out all the undies and now that they’ve been washed and worn for almost a year, I can actually give you great feedback on the quality.

The best underwear for women ft. Soma, Aerie, and Me Undies

The best underwear for women ft. Soma, Aerie, and Me Undies


The Winners

Soma + Aerie were the overall favorites with Me Undies coming in hot in the no-show category.


All Over Lace Thong - this is basically a “BETTER” version of Hanky Panky. I say it with quotes only because people love HP so much and I don’t get it. Did I mention Soma’s are 6 for $36 vs. Hanky Panky’s $22 for ONE? It’s bananas.

After a year, I can say my thongs are still in tact, haven’t shrunk, and don’t have elastic sticking out weird places. Additionally the fit is awesome. It blows my mind that Hanky Panky charges $22 for a one-size fits all underwear. One size does NOT fit all, sorry not sorry.

Lace Back Bikini - for night time I like to wear a full booty undie or boyshort and these are so pretty. I got them for those nights when I just want to feel a little sexier, if you know what I mean. They are super comfy and great quality.


Seamless Thong - if you’re looking for a non-lace option I LOVE these. They are my go-to for workouts and busy days. At 7 for $29 it’s beyond surprising that they last but they do! No shrinkage (this fabric is one you’d expect shrinkage from ie: the VS Pink ones). The fit is great and stretchy (but won’t stretch out) and I feel like the length in the crotch is just right, if that make sense. Like long enough to cover everything and not be giving you an uncomfortable wedgie.

Seamless Boybrief - another great night option. They are just so so comfy and have also held up over the past year. Always on sale too!

The best lace underwear: great quality and good price

The best lace underwear: great quality and good price



I’m going to go out there and say that Me Undies “No-Show” thong is BETTER than Commando. Yup, on SO many levels. Price, color options and quality (most important). I bought two pairs of Commando thongs for my wedding weekend. They were fine; served their purpose. Flash forward 6 months later and they were stretched out like CRAZY. They won’t sit flush against my hips anymore because the fabric has weirdly stretched out. Umm for $26 underwear that’s ridiculous. After I bought Me Undies “No-Show” thong I was so surprised at the comfort and fit (similar or better to Commando) and now that I’ve had them for over 6+ months and they’ve retained their shape and fit, I’m 100% confident they are the way to go!




What about Cotton?

A big request when I started this was cotton undies. The All Over Lace Thong from Soma has a cotton liner. I also tried the OG Calvin Klein thong which wasn’t my favorite. The thick band hits in all the wrong places and I feel like the style is so low rise that it’s pretty uncomfortable especially when paired with high rise pants. Two standouts for me were GAP BODY’s Stretch cotton thong + Everlane’s Thong. Both are primarily cotton and great quality. I love them for V hot days (ie: traveling in Colombia) or just lounging around the house.


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