So You want To see A Psychic…


another gem from EDP Contributing writer Marissa

When I think of a psychic, I imagine people who hold all the answers to life’s greatest questions. They sit down, tap in and magically have the information they need downloaded through their third eye. The danger in this way of thinking is that you start to believe that the answers you seek are outside of you. Since becoming a freelancer, I’ve felt like I’ve had way more questions than answers. It’s been a source of anxiety, especially since I thrive with a clear direction in mind ie. graduating high school or climbing a corporate ladder.

It doesn’t help that I am absolutely wretched at making any kind of decision. I’m that person that stands in the aisles of Target, gutted over what kind of deodorant to buy. I assign far too much potency to my decisions, like a natural deodorant is going to make or break my entire year. (Side note: still absolutely thrilled with Dove’s new natural deodorant. Vacation on a stick for your underarms. #notsponsored) All joking aside, it’s a real issue that I’m working through.

When the opportunity to move to Paris came up, I was in the middle of trying to move to the beach. These were two very different paths that I was debating and I just wanted someone to hit me over the head with the answer. I was listening to a trusted podcast and they had a brilliant psychic on to discuss her process. I thought that if there were ever a time to speak to a psychic, it would be now.

Here’s how that went…



The potential for validation is high

Whether I was headed to the coast or to a different country, I was itching to get out of my apartment. Within three minutes of meeting with the psychic, they tell me I’m not going to be in my space much longer. Does it feel great that she is confirming this? Of course! We’re getting answers here, people, and they are BIG.

There’s room for options

They mention something about the Siene river in Paris and I’m about ready to pack my bags immediately. Great - homegirl is moving out and heading abroad, just the answers we were looking for. Unfortunately, they also add in that it’s possible to both move abroad and return to the beach.. While it would’ve been nice for them to have a definitive answer, it is nice to know that you’re not being put into a box.

When you know, you know

You know those times when you ask someone for their opinion and before they even answer you’ve already made up your mind? Like when you’re asking someone if you should get the salsa or guacamole with your chips and the answer is so obviously both? This is because you just know, ya know? We move on to the subject of my career and they tell me that I’m going to be doing something involving writing. At the time, I’m working in digital marketing and one of my favorite parts about the job is the copywriting aspect. Up until this moment, I wasn’t sure where I wanted my career to go. After they offered this little nugget of information, the idea of writing as a career felt good. That part surprised me, but it was likely what ended up making the biggest difference in my life after the fact. (Also, Ash went full time with her blog and asked me to be a contributing writer a few months later… coincidence?!)

THE Cons

They may say something you don’t want to hear

The session so far had been eye opening and positive. I was always scared a psychic would sit me down and tell me horrible things I had to look forward to in my future, like a death or a breakup. That being said, they keep coming back to an uneasy feeling, one that feels like a weight on their chest. They ask if i’ve been meaning to tell someone something important. For a while, I had been putting off changing a familial relationship. They say that based off this feeling, it’s past time to get it dealt with. Ugh.

Again, something that I knew deep down, but if it’s something they can tell just from sitting with me, it’s the proverbial push off the cliff I needed.

Answers can be very limiting

When I ask her to comment on my love life, they say that this becomes clearer after I return from Paris. You mean to tell me that the City of Love doesn’t bring me closer to meeting the love of my life? A hopeless romantics nightmare! To add insult to injury, they add in that my future guy sounds like he’s American. Well, my dreams of having an international romance have now been crushed. In reality, the information you receive may change.. so you have to be able to release your death grip on the details.


A few things to think about before meeting with a psychic:

Be prepared to do your research. Cheaper isn’t always better and reviews are going to be very telling. Going by word of mouth will likely be your best bet.

You may feel even more confused in the first few weeks after your reading. I remember one instance where I was told to protect my belongings when it came to matters of the heart. What did they mean about ‘protect your belongings?’ Am I going to get robbed? What belongings specifically? It ended up being my heart… but learned that lesson the hard way anyway (lol).

Be prepared to subconsciously know everything they say. Your intuition is a powerful thing when you learn how to trust it.

It’s a safety net not a hotline. If you have the money to spend, sure, go ahead and set a meeting every other day, but where is the fun in that? You have a life to live and the only way to find the answers to your questions on your own is to LIVE IT.


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